Do I Need an LMS?

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You have this great idea for a course and you are wondering how to present it to your audience in the best way possible. For you, but also for your business.  “Do I need an LMS?” is then a very important question. Manual vs. automated processes It is always the choice of the online course […]

30 Online Course Topics to Inspire You

Got something to teach?

For many experts, it can be quite difficult to come up with a topic they could create an online course on. Simply because they think that because they know how to do certain stuff, everyone else does as well. But that is not true and I come across it all the time. Just the other […]

9 Criteria to Find Your Ideal Client

Ideal Client

As a starting Knowledge Commerce Entrepreneur or one in tough economic times, you may think that you are happy with every customer that walks in the door. However, after working with a range of customers you could come to the conclusion that not all customers are created equal. Unless of course, you live in a […]

5 Mistakes Not To Make If You Want Happy Customers


Years ago when we were with another internet provider, I woke up one Saturday morning at 7 to find the internet not working. Why it wasn’t working I did not know, and though I wasn’t planning to do any work that weekend, it was inconvenient. A text message to the provider however still wasn’t answered […]