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We are passionate about helping knowledge commerce entrepreneurs share their wealth of knowledge by developing and executing strategies that improve their course stack and marketing approach, while providing custom made solutions.

Fluks founder Pepita Bos is an award-winning marketer. As a business/ brand/ marketing strategist and change agent across a range of industries and for businesses large and small, she has 30+ years of experience to build on.

During that time Pepita realized she is a multipotentialite with interests and abilities that span different expertises, which she expanded on during her long career. 

As topic specialization is impossible for a multipotentialite, Pepita decided for Fluks to specialize in the audience of knowledge commerce entrepreneurs such as online course creators, coaches, and consultants. Coming from a family of educators and having taught part-time at universities in The Netherlands and Spain, gaining and sharing knowledge are central to her personal values. Working with knowledge commerce entrepreneurs is a natural extension of this. Meeting them where they need help and offering them the unique solution they need.

The name Fluks (from Flux) stands for a “constant state of change”. We believe that everyone who shares their knowledge makes change possible and we believe that change in the sense of always improving, always wanting to do better is what makes an entrepreneur successful.

“If you keep doing what you always did,
you keep getting what you always got.”

We can help you with all things below. From audit or strategy to execution. Or we can do part of the proces. Or help you do it yourself. We meet you where you are!


  • Positioning Audit
  • Brand Audit
  • Marketing & Site Audit
  • Affiliate Audit
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Research
  • Course Offer Analysis


  • Business & Brand Positioning
  • Course Offer Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Affiliate Strategy & System Builds
  • Funnel Builds
  • Chatbot Builds
  • Automation


  • Online Advertising
  • Affiliate Partner Search
  • Affiliate System optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing Management
  • Affiliates Management
  • Analytics
  • Growth Hacking
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