We help Knowledge as a Product or Service Entrepreneurs with sound strategies, product and service development, and delivery systems, giving them the foundations for success.


The biggest influences on our thinking when it comes to our corporate and brand values come from two men who probably never or hardly ever gave brands a thought.

Max Weber is one of them and we are pretty sure that he never thought about brands while writing The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. He did write about the influence of values on behavior though. As did Edgar Schein, the former MIT professor who coined the term “Organizational Culture”. From personal experience, we know he has thought about his work in relation to corporate brands although it was not the focus of his work.

As a result of these men’s ideas on values and how they influence behavior, we strongly believe that the values of the founder of a business influence behavior within the organization and as such its brand. This is why we want to share the principles we work by. It could be an indication if we are the ideal agency for you.


We believe that the values of the business founder influences behavior within the organization and as such shape the corporate brand.

Our values are shaped by Pepita’s personal values which revolve around learning and sharing knowledge to help others.


For our type of service we do not believe in one size fits all. We believe that although problems can be identical or similar, the context and situation of each client are different. Which means that although our process of client needs analysis is the same, the solution will probably differ per client. Leading to unique execution processes, not standardization.


We believe in specialization when it comes to picking an audience. We specialize in knowledge as a product & services entrepreneurs like online course creators, coaches, consultants, etcetera. Basically high-end pros who sell their knowledge to others.

With a multipotentialite founder we can’t limit ourselves to one service. This is why we offer a range of services; a result of multipotentiality, 30+ years of experience and learning, and clients needing unique solutions. doing just one thing again and again, would bore us silly. 😉


We believe in expertise. We don’t believe in “experts” who have found a solution for their specific problem and sell it as the cure-all to every similar problem. The solution to a similar problem depends on the context.

If we do not have the expertise that a client needs, we will either refer to someone else or hire the needed expertise and oversee the project.


We don’t believe in hyped-up bro marketing that uses the word “secret”, makes promises that seem to good to be true, or try to sell a solution as the one and only way to solve a problem. 


We believe you should not compare yourself to big names. Proven methods that work for some guru with 1 million followers, will probably not work for you. It is way easier to market an established brand to a large audience with a large budget and an established team than if you are just starting out. Doesn’t mean that you cannot learn from them, but one has to adapt to one’s context.


We believe that instead of imitating someone else, an entrepreneur has to carve out their own unique spot in the marketplace and embrace their difference.


We believe that things cost time and that there are very few shortcuts. A 4-hour workweek is not for most of us.


We believe in looking at the root cause of a problem first and looking at solutions after. We never start with the solution as we do not think it makes a lot of sense to stick a bandaid on a broken leg.


We never stop learning and think that neither should you!


Pepita Bos

Fluks founder Pepita Bos is an award-winning marketer. As a business, brand, marketing strategist, and change agent across a range of industries and for businesses large and small. She has 30+ years of experience to build on.

During that time Pepita realized she is a multipotentialite with interests and abilities that span different areas of expertise, which she expanded on during her long career. 

As topic specialization is really hard for a multipotentialite, Pepita decided for Fluks to specialize high-level strategy and implementation for knowledge as a product/service (KaaPS) entrepreneurs such as online course creators, coaches, and consultants. Basically any high-level entrepreneurs who sell their knowledge as a product or service.

Coming from a family of educators and having taught part-time at universities in The Netherlands and Spain, gaining and sharing knowledge are central to her personal values. Working with entrepreneurs selling their knowledge as a product or service is a natural extension of this. Meeting them where they need help and offering them the unique solution they need.

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The name Fluks (from Flux) stands for a “constant state of change”.

We believe that everyone who shares their knowledge makes change possible and we believe that change in the sense of always improving, and always wanting to do better is what makes an entrepreneur successful.


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