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From audits to implementation
We do everything to help you build the marketing system that is right for your business
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Are you struggling to understand why your marketing approach is not working?

Our team will work with you to understand and audit your business and course offer in order to identify the weak spots in your marketing and come up with the best solution to increase your online sales. Based on the outcome we can help you implement or refer you to a trusted partner.

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Taking action to transform your business and results is the next step towards success.

Based on the results of the audit, we refer you to one of our trusted expert partners or we take it on ourselves. We help with anything strategy, course offer development, persona development. And when building funnels or affiliate marketing is the right marketing approach for you we can take the whole process off your hands.

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Not sure how to increase your website traffic and turn that traffic into students?

After strategizing we can build you the marketing system that is right for you. Be it a funnel or an affiliate system, we will then fill the pipeline for you, with either leads or potential affiliates and optimize that process every day. Or teach or coach you in doing this yourself. We meet you where you are!

Things we can help you with

Audit your business

We know courses and we know business and marketing. We would love to help you find out which areas you need to improve for better results.

Audit your marketing funnel

This is a request that we get on a regular basis. We check your funnel and advise you on how to plug the leaks if there are any. No funnel? We will audit your marketing.

Design your course marketing funnel

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all, which is why we take a good look at your situation, your roadblocks, your competences, and your goals. Based on that we advise on and design your marketing funnel.

Build your marketing funnel

After designing your funnel, we build it for you. Our team of specialists will build you a funnel that is not only on brand, it is also set up expertly. And when we are done, we will tweak it to perfection.

Advise on course offer

You are not sure on the price of your course, or other components of the course offer; timing, bonuses, format, etcetera. No worries. We can help you get that right.

Strategize for and launch a new course

We have launched countless businesses over the course of 30 years; big and small. We can advise on strategy and how to launch. We just love doing that kind of stuff!

Develop personas

Clarity on your ideal student is a must. Effective marketing is based on facts and not assumptions. You can trust us to develop your personas the right way.

Advise on choice for course software (LMS)

We have some favorite course tools, but understand that not every course creator is created equal. We help finding the right software based on your demands and situation.

Assist with anything affiliate marketing

We can do anything affiliate marketing. From strategy to implementation, and from the nitty gritty prep to affiliates recruitment and selection and program management.

Build your course site

We know our Course Site Software and can build in a good many systems. Favorites like Kajabi, Zenler, AccessAlly, and LearnDash hold no secrets for us.

Coach aspiring online course creators

If you are still in the idea phase of a course, we can help you develop your course and course business. With our teaching and business experience, we are ready to help you bring your expertise online.

Build you a chat bot

We are geeky when it comes to marketing tech, so we offer chatbots as an alternative way to generate leads. A bit like funnels, but coming to you as a bot. And who doesn’t want a lead generating bot?

“If you keep doing what you always did,
you keep getting what you always got.”
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