Knowledge Entrepreneurship: An Approach to Sharing Expertise


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Experts explore different approaches to share their know-how, make a difference, and create value in the dynamic world of knowledge entrepreneurship. Whether through consulting, books, online courses, or workshops, the avenues vary in the level of involvement between the knowledge sharer and the recipient. Let’s explore these avenues through the lenses of ‘Done For You’, ‘Done With You’, and ‘DIY’ categories, considering the dimensions of time, budget, pricing, and outreach.

Done For You: Consulting & Implementation
  • High-Value Exchange: Clients receive personalized solutions crafted by the expert.
  • Direct Implementation: Offers hands-on application, ensuring tangible outcomes.
  • Premium Pricing: Higher rates due to the customized nature and direct implementation of solutions.
  • Time-Intensive: Requires substantial time dedicated to individual clients.
  • Limited Scalability: Personalized solutions limit the number of concurrent clients.
  • Higher Cost to Clients: May not be affordable for all audiences.


Consulting requires deep expertise and one-on-one engagement, demanding a significant time investment. It’s lucrative but often not scalable.

Done With You: Coaching & Hybrid Courses
  • Guided Learning: Offers structured guidance and mentorship.
  • Interactive Experience: Combines learning with interaction and feedback.
  • Moderate Scalability: Allows for group engagements, increasing reach.


  • Moderate Time Commitment: Requires time for coaching sessions or hybrid course facilitation.
  • Moderate Pricing: Often priced lower than consulting but higher than pure DIY options.
  • Balancing Individual Needs: Balancing individual attention within a group setting can be challenging.



Coaching and hybrid courses strike a balance between personalized attention and scalability. They require time but are more scalable than pure consulting.

DIY: Books, Online Courses & Workshops
  • Minimal Time Commitment: Preparing content can be time-consuming initially but less so during consumption.
  • High Scalability: Serves numerous clients simultaneously.
  • Affordable Pricing: Typically accessible to a broader audience due to lower price points.

  • Self-Application: Success relies on the client’s ability to apply information independently.
  • Potential Lack of Engagement: Limited interaction and guidance compared to other methods.
  • Competitive Market: High competition due to the proliferation of self-learning resources.


DIY options, like books, online courses, and workshops, offer scalability and accessibility. However, they require robust self-discipline and motivation from clients.

Dimensions of Impact
  • Time & Investment: Consulting demands the most time and often requires a higher investment due to its personalized nature. Coaching and hybrid courses follow, while DIY options typically demand less initial time and budget investment.
  • Pricing & Reach: Consulting allows for premium pricing due to its tailored solutions but reaches a limited audience. Coaching and hybrid courses find a mid-ground in pricing and reach. DIY options, being more affordable, have the potential to reach a broader audience.
  • Scalability: DIY options win in scalability, enabling knowledge entrepreneurs to impact a larger audience simultaneously. Consulting limits scalability due to its personalized nature, while coaching and hybrid courses balance personalized attention and scalability.
Table with overview of characteristics of different approaches.

A knowledge entrepreneur’s path depends on various factors – expertise, audience, goals, and available resources. Consulting offers high value but demands significant time and may limit reach. Coaching and hybrid courses strike a balance between personalized attention and scalability. DIY options provide scalability but rely heavily on self-application. Ultimately, it’s about finding the right blend that aligns with one’s expertise, audience needs, and desired impact. Each path holds value, offering unique opportunities for knowledge entrepreneurs to make their mark and empower others through their expertise.


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