The Knowledge Entrepreneur’s Value Ladder


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A picture says more than 1000 words. And pictures with words do an even better job!

This is why I created an infographic of the Knowledge Entrepreneur’s Value Ladder for you.

A value ladder is a sequence of offerings that increase in value. This is why you have to read the image below from the bottom up. The lowest (free) knowledge products or services are at the bottom, and they go up from there. 

The steps on the rungs of the ladder go from 1-to-many to 1-on-1.

And from Do It Yourself, via Done With You, to Done For You.

Within each step, you can find a whole range of info and knowledge products or services that you, as a knowledge entrepreneur, can offer.

The principle of the value ladder can be used primarily for two things. The first is to get the client to trust you by buying a low-ticket item. Then they can experience that you offer the quality and knowledge they need. The second is to extend the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by persuading existing customers to purchase higher-ticket products or services. Resulting in higher sales.

There are three books that made the concept of the Value Ladder very popular.


Dotcom Secrets addresses a malfunctioning value ladder and funnel and teaches you how to generate leads and sales.

Expert Secrets teaches you how to position yourself as an expert and adapt your messaging accordingly.

Traffic Secrets teaches you how to get the message out to the world about your products and services and generate traffic.

To create your own value ladder, use this spreadsheetCopy the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive or Workspace. You can change the order of the products around based on your pricing. The order in the spreadsheet is an approximation. You can adapt it however you want.



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