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The Student Multiplier Formula© consists of a number of proven steps to help you increase your number of students using conversion funnels
Funnel Marketing Step By Step


Audit: First we work with you to understand your business, clients and offer. We audit your situation. What are the gaps and barriers keeping you from reaching your goals.


Strategize: After our deep dive into your business we develop the funnel strategy specific for your business and create a blueprint for your funnel.

Implement: We build all aspects and elements of your funnel by building pages, setting up tech and automation, tracking, and more.


Fill the funnel: Once the funnel is in place we will fill your funnel with visitors from your targeted audience. We will test and tweak to ensure conversion optimization and continue to monitor and update as required.

Scale: When the funnel is converting optimally, it´s time to really grow your leads and sales. This is when the Student Multiplier Formula© is really starting to pay off: spending more to make more is the name of the game here.

ROAS: We still have to meet the first person who doesn’t like a positive ROAS. We love it and we are sure you do too. We love to see our clients succeed. Making you more money while allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional courses to your students. Our teamwork makes your dream work!

Are you ready for a full classroom?

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