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For many experts, it can be quite difficult to come up with a topic they could create an online course on. Simply because they think that because they know how to do certain stuff, everyone else does as well. But that is not true and I come across it all the time.

Just the other day we did a creative workshop with some girlfriends. This was hosted by a truly creative soul, but she has a hard time seeing that her talents are absolutely unique and worth sharing, and also that she has something worthwhile to teach.

Another reason why it is difficult to come up with a topic is that as an expert you think you have to cover it all, instead of having a laser-sharp focus on one aspect of your vast body of knowledge.

My professors at university told me this for my philosophy thesis: “Try to narrow down your topic as much as possible”.

The same thing goes for courses. It is better to produce multiple focused courses than one opus magnum type of course that will be too elaborate for anyone to work through.

“Laser focus” is what to remember.

So to inspire you I am giving you 30 possible topics you could turn into an online course. I came up with them by thinking of people I know and how they could turn their knowledge into an online course.

30 Possible Online Course Topics

  1. Creating a landscape artwork with mixed media textile and paint.
  2. The best way of buying your dream house in another country.
  3. Creative ways to teach elementary school children geography.
  4. Sustainability for small businesses.
  5. How to motivate yourself and obtain your goals.
  6. A surefire strategy to renovate your own house.
  7. A beginner’s course for launching your first app.
  8. Black and white landscape photography.
  9. Living a good life with your kid’s ADHD.
  10. How to set up a profitable vacation rental business in the south of Spain.
  11. Building automations in ActiveCampaign.
  12. Be your own therapist.
  13. How to build a catering business.
  14. Select the best course software for your online course.
  15. Writing and self-publishing your first book.
  16. How to train your dog.
  17. Purchasing insurance for your business: avoiding the pitfalls.
  18. How to make a successful podcast.
  19. The best process for buying a secondhand camper.
  20. Getting fit through biking in 3 months.
  21. How to scale and have a successful art business.
  22. Coaching yourself for success.
  23. Diagnosing the real business problem, not the symptoms.
  24. Beer brewing at home.
  25. How to build your nest egg.
  26. How to earn money on Etsy.
  27. Styling your house on a budget.
  28. Learning to think like an ancient Greek philosopher.
  29. Astrology for kids and their parents.
  30. Building multilingual websites and SEO.

All working titles, nothing fancy. That would be one of the following steps.

But enough inspiration for you to get started to think or even dream about setting up your own online course business.

  • Think about what you know.
  • Think about how you helped others with your knowledge.
  • Think about why and what you love doing about sharing your knowledge.

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