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Fluks believes that all online course creators should be able to help others with their invaluable knowledge

You know you have the best idea in the world for an online course and you need help

Flux helps course creators generate sales and helps offline educators to bring their course(s) online and generate sales for them too.

At this moment we do not work with aspiring course creators to go from idea to execution but we still want to help you succeed. This is why we would like to offer you some recommendations on where to start.

We are a big fan of Danny Iny who founded Mirasee. Danny is a world-renowned expert when it comes to creating and building online courses. What we like about Danny is that in his approach to his students his integrity shines through. You get the feeling that he and his great staff really want to help you succeed. We really want our clients to succeed as well and feel that Danny is a kindred spirit.

We found the book “Teach your gift” by Danny Iny really helpful and suggest that you start with that. It is an easy read and gives you an idea for his philosophy.

After reading the book you can determine if working with Danny and his company Mirasee could be for you.

You can join the Online Course Creators Community on Facebook where you can find many people on the same journey as you are and there is lots of help from others and Danny´s staff.

Mirasee offers FREE Bootcamps on a regular basis as well as an online course for creating your online course. All at great value.

Once you have your course online, we will be happy to provide our expertise in  marketing it for you.

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