How can I register for the affiliate program?

You can go to the Affiliate Area to register

How high is the commission?

The base commission is 30%. For affiliates who qualify, there is a 40% commission rate.

When does an affiliate qualify for the higher commission tier?

The higher commission tier starts when an affiliate has reached 100 referrals.

Individual affiliates may also be offered the higher tier based on other variables. This is up to the discretion of the Affiliate Team at Fluks.

Which products do you offer affiliate commission on?

Currently, we offer Affiliate Commission on a number of products, 2 online courses of $49 and $199, the periodic Fast-Track Course Curriculum Builder at $49, and three types of 1-on-1 consultancies ranging from $199 to $299.

Where can I find my referral URL?

You will find it in the Affiliate Area; under the first tab.

You can create your own custom slug and you will at the same time have the option to use your standard affiliate referral URL.

You also have a QR code you can share.

How long is the cookie period?

The cookie period is 90 days. This means that a commission will be awarded if the referred buyer purchases within 90 days after clicking the affiliate's link.

How long is the locking period?

The products are digital so we do not give refunds, but to prevent any mishaps, we will consider the commission to be final after 28 days in case of a successful and final purchase.

Which click is awarded?

The last click receives the commission.

Will you have assets that I can use to promote your products?

Yes we will be building and updating a library of assets. Check out the tab Creatives in the Affiliate Area.

Is there a possibility to create Affiliate Landing pages specifically for an affiliate?

Yes, there is. We can do this in case of a special partnership or promotion.

Can I have my own affiliate coupons?

Yes, there is a possibility for that as well. Please contact our affiliate team to explore the options.

Do you offer Direct Link Tracking?

Yes, we do!

With Direct Link Tracking we will authorize your domain in our system. Any referral coming from an authorized site will be automatically recognized as such and a commission awarded.

This means for instance that you can have a blog in which you link to an affiliate product without having to use your affiliate link.

Do you have an Affiliate Policy?

Yes, we do. You can find it here.

I have a question or issue. How can I reach you?

Please go to Support in the footer menu and create a ticket with our affiliate team.